Pyogenic thyroiditis at KNH. E.A. Med. J. VOl. 56 No. 1, 1979

S PROFOLIECHJOSEPH. "Pyogenic thyroiditis at KNH. E.A. Med. J. VOl. 56 No. 1, 1979.". In: E.A. Med. J. VOl. 56 No. 1, 1979. PROF.J.S.OLIECH; 1979.


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Although pyogenic thyroiditis is rare,the four cases have been seen and treated at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) over the last 10 years.This is a report of one of these cases detailing the clinical presentation and operative findings.
A middle aged female with a large painful shining anterior neck swelling of 4days duration.She had difficulty of swallowing,but no dyspnoea.She was febrile,with moderate anaemia, polymorph-leucocytosis (52%)and lymphocytosis(36%).Thyroid immunoglobulins were unavailable.131 iodine uptake studies was reduced,plain x-ray of the trachea/neck was unremarkable.
A thick suppurative pus from the left lobe grew on organisms.The discusses various forms of thyroid abcesses ,their causes and treatment.




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