Traditional herbal medicine in national healthcare in Kenya

Mwangi JW, Mungai NN, Thoithi GN, Kibwage IO. "Traditional herbal medicine in national healthcare in Kenya.". 2005.


Herbal medicine is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. There are studies suggesting that herbal therapies can be effective in mating certain conditions. This has been confirmed by the classic randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind well-designed clinical trials. With reliable information on herbal medicine, it is easier to integrate these therapies with tbe mainstream medicine. It is, unlikely that patients will completely abandon use of era I medical interventions but rather in a more pragmatic manner will choose to integrate other interventions as a part of their overall armamentarium of medical interventions. Can herbal medicine be integrated with mainstream medicine in Kenya and what are the challenges? This paper discusses these and other questions in respect of herbal medicine.

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