Dr. Okeyo, A. Mwai is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Animal Production, University of   Nairobi. He is an animal Scientist Specializing in livestock improvement (Animal genetics and Breeding), with more than twenty five (28) years of experience in practical leadership and management of Cattle, Sheep and Goats genetic improvement programs in Kenya, Eastern African regions, including technical support to similar program in Southern Africa, South Asia, and to some extent in West Africa and South East Asia. Other areas of interest and expertise include: Facilitation of workshops, and meetings. Other areas of interest include: Biodiversity issues, especially characterization and development of indigenous livestock and crops. I ma particulatly passionate about environmental health, especially tree planting and, soil and water conservation. Current focus and success has been in the design and execution of participatory and community-based livestock genetic and productivity improvement programmes, especially those aimed at improving the food security and economic well-being of the resource poor in the rural communities, particularly women and children. Other interests include capacity building and mentoring of young animal scientists and front-line extension agents working in the area of livestock improvement in general and facilitation of pro-sustainable policy changes and implementation advocacy activities and processes. The major strengths include generosity of thoughts, and ability to motivate and support team members to achieve beyond the individual capacity-a great team player.

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