The Future Of Organizations: Musings Of A Manager

Aila FO, Nyangara CA, Ojera PB, Owaga EE, Odera O, Ogutu M. "The Future Of Organizations: Musings Of A Manager." ASIAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES AND EDUCATION. 2013;2(2).


Dominant forces of the last century, developments in science and technology, the presence of ideological rigidities and the complexity of organizational environment will continually shape the future. Developments in human skills can readily catapult organizations to their future. Four views of the future highlighted include: the future is an extension of the past; the future is new; the future is now; and the future is somewhat “past”. In our attempt to (re)invent the future, we need a leadership skill that will propel the organization to its future.
Keywords: Future organizations, leadership, environment

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