Performance of Crushed Coconut Shell Dual Media Filter Paper

AKUMU PROFODIRAPATTSM. "Performance of Crushed Coconut Shell Dual Media Filter Paper.". In: Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice (under review awaiting publication). Prof. James Otieno-Odek; 2004.


This paper reports the detailed results of a study of the impact of the Health Workers for Change (HWFC) workshop series on clients' perceptions of health services, relationships within the health centre and relations between the health facility and the district health system. The study was carried out in three stages: baseline, intervention and evaluation over a period of 20 months. Data, both qualitative and quantitative, were collected at three levels: client, facility and system. Results indicate that relations between health workers and clients improved a great deal after the intervention while those between the facility and the system remained to a large extent unchanged. The paper concludes that, with external support and help, especially from the health system level, health workers can work towards improving health services and their job satisfaction, which can lead to better health worker-client relations.




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