SCH 406: Solid State Chemistry


Course Outline:

I: Foundations

Review of Atomic Structure - Evolution of atomic theory: Thomson & Rutherford, Bohr model of hydrogen, Bohr-Sommerfeld model and multi-electron atoms, atomic spectra and Schrödinger equation. Electron orbitals: Aufbau principle, Pauli Exclusion Principle, and Hund's rules.

Chemical Bonding - Primary bonding: ionic, covalent, metallic. Secondary bonding: dipole-dipole, induced dipole-induced dipole, London dispersion/van der Waals & hydrogen bonding. Shapes of molecules: hybridization, LCAO-MO, VSEPR theory.

II: Applications

Electronic Materials - Band theory: metals, insulators, and semiconductors. Band gaps, doping, and devices.

Crystalline Materials - Crystal structure: 7 crystal systems, 14 Bravais lattices, Miller indices. Properties of cubic crystals. X-ray diffraction. Imperfection in solids: point, line, surface, bulk.

Amorphous Materials - Inorganic glasses: silicates & other oxides.

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