FCE 181 / FME 151 / FEB 105: General & Inorganic Chemistry


Course Outline

1)     Atomic structure:

–       Electromagnetic radiation & Atomic structure

–       Bohr’s atomic model & wave concept model of atomic structure;

–       electron configuration & effective nuclear charge

–       Periodic table & atomic properties

2)     Chemical bonding:

–       Types of chemical bonds: ionic bond, covalent bond, metallic bond, dative bond, hydrogen bond & van-der Waals bond.

3)     Chemical kinetics:

–       Rate of reactions and rate equations, factors that influence rate of reaction, order of reaction, activation energy

4)     Chemical equilibrium:

–       Equilibrium law, Equilibrium constant, homogeneous equilibrium, heterogeneous equilibrium, Lechatelier’s principle.

5)     Solutions:

–       Types of solutions, Henry’s law, solubility and solubility curves, solubility product, ionic equilibrium.

6)     Adsorption:

–       Types of adsorption, adsorption isotherms, application of adsorption.

7)     Environmental significance of some elements and salts:

–       Ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, sulfates, silicates, chlorine, oxygen, ozone, carbon, etc).

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