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NAME: Odero Theresa Mary Awuor






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Leeds Metropolitan University


Leeds Metropolitan University


American World University


Medical Training College









Diploma Nusing


Health Education

Critical care Nursing












 Health Promotion/Health education

Health Promotion/Health Education







Health Education



A.        Personal Statement

During the last 14 years as faculty in the school of Nursing Sciences at the college of health sciences, University of Nairobi. Mrs Odero has mentored over 8 post graduate masters students and several BSc.N students in their research project proposals in various aspects of community Health Nursing, Critical care Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Maternal Health and Family Planning. She has also partnered with University of Washington mentoring Afya Bora Consortium ABC Fellowship in the global health Leadership. She is currently a member of the Afya Bora Consortium of US Universities and African Universities Technical Working Group. Mrs Odero is a member of the teaching Faculty in the school of Nursing Sciences, College of health sciences, University of Nairobi, and has been responsible for teaching Community Health Nursing in the Bsc.N program and critical Care Nursing and Advanced Nursing concepts. She is also a member of the Medical Education initiative (PRIME-K (MEPI) Aim One) improving Medical Education among Faculty at the college of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi. She has worked as Director Health Promotion Department, Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation and was appointed Director, School of Nursing Sciences for a period of one year-successfully done.  She is also a member of the Health Promotion Technical Working Group of the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Kenya, Life Member of The National Nurses Association of Kenya, and member of the Sigma Theta Tau, the African Honor Society for Nursing and Midwifery.  She is also a midwife and has lead students in the city council of Nairobi working on maternal child health services.

  1. A.   Positions and Honors.

Have been ward in charge at Kenyatta National hospital 1980

Provincial Health Education officer in Nairobi ministry of health 19889-1990

Director Division of Health Education Ministry of Health 1990-1996

Lecturer school of Nursing sciences, University of Nairobi From 1996 to date

Ag. Director School of Nursing Sciences University of Nairobi.2009 -2010

Co- Lead Afya Bora Consortium of Universities Global Health Leadership training in 4 Africa and 4 United States of America Universities and a member of the technical working group.

Honorary citizen of Santa Cruz County USA

Member of the African Honor Society of Nursing and Midwifery

Life member of National Nurses association of Kenya

  Peer Reviewed Publications


2011                Hama A. K. , Rivathi, G. Musandu, J. and Odero T.M. A. (2009) 

                 The Incidence of Nosocomial Urinary tract infections At Kenyatta 

                  National Hospital: Critical Care Unit. Baraton Multidisciplinary ResearchJjournal. (2011) 1 (2)    

                       pp. 12-21

2009                      Kyalo M B, Odero T M A, Rajula (2009) Facters Affecting Clinical decision        

                        making By Nurses At The Critical care Unit At Kenyatta national          

                        Hospital. Kenya Nursing Journal Vol 38 number 1, August 2009.

2006:               Odero, T.M.A . and Adalla ,H. 2006 Care of the patient with problems of the eyes, In Huband, S. Hamilton-Brown, P.and Barber, G. Nursing and Midwifery: Apractical  Approach Book. Macmillan. UK. pp118-123

2005:               Odero TMA, Mwaniki Peter, Makworo, D Waweru L, Masamo,

                        E.Obwaka E (2005) KDH 2003 Public Health Trends, Issues and concerns

                        In Kenya Training Module, Nursing Council of Kenya. Sponsored by 


2004:               Odero TMA, Onyango – Ouma W, Thiongo F, and Ouma J.H (2004)

                        Clients Perception of Health Workers and Impact on Health Services

                        Offered at Kombewa Demonstration Health Center.

                        Healthline a journal of Health Vol 8 no 3 Sept. 2004.

2001:               Onyango-Ouma W. Thiongo F, Odero TMA, and Ouma J.H

            Health Workers for change in Kenya, Health Policy and Planning Journal; Vol. 16 (suppl. 1): 33-39. 2001.Oxford University Press. England

 Professional Memberships

National Nurses Association of Kenya.(Life Member)

 Sigma Theta Tau , African Honor Society For Nursing and Midwifery.

D.        Research Support expected from:

Afya Bora consortium of Universities; Global health Leadership fellowship Project,

Medical Education Program Initiative (MEPI).

Swedish researchers


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