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J. O, O.C O, D. OO. "Beyond Remedial Measures: Re-thinking ‘Normalization’ of women’s election as part of political experience in Kenya." Journal of International Affairs and Global Strategy . 2015;33(2224-574X):33-41.beyond_remedial_measures.pdf
J. O, C. OO, D OO. "Fait Accomplit: Legitimising the illegitimate electoral outcomes in Kenya. ." Journal of Public Policy Research and Administration Research. 2015;5(2224-5731):103-108.fait_accomplit.pdf
Odipo G, O.C O, D OO. "Emigration and Remittances Utilisation in Kenya." Research on Humanities and Social Sciences . 2015;5(14):163-173.emigration_and_remittances_publication.pdf

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