Novel electrochemical oral biosensor for histatin

ALUOCH DRAUSTINOCHIENG. "Novel electrochemical oral biosensor for histatin.". In: Sensor Letters, 3(2), 161-163 (2005). American Scientific Publishers; 2005.


Aluoch A. O., Amrute, K., Sadik, O. A. An amperometric biosensor for monitoring the level of saliva protein histatin is described. The biosensor-sensing elements comprise a layer of salivary histatin antibody self-assembled onto a gold quartz crystal by covalent attachment. The biospecific interaction between the immobilized histatin antibody and histatin antigen was monitored via a novel electroactive indicator, silver monodispersed on the gold surface. The silver is oxidized or reduced and the resulting peak currents provide analytical information about the concentrations of the salivary proteins. A detection limit of 0.626 pg/ml was obtained




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