Currently work as an Assistant Dean of Students, University of Nairobi; where my responsibilities focus on students' welfare, from entry to graduation. The duties include counselling, career guidance, academic advice and management of social issues. Student mentorship on leadership skills, soft skills and corporate socialresponsibility activities. Headed the university counselling centre on its inception; served as a member of the task force that drafted the disability policy for the University of Nairobi. Served, as the secretary of the disability mainstreaming committee in the College of Architecture and Engineering. Appointed as a the psychologist of Commission of Inquiry into the Post-Election Violence - Waki Commission and worked with clients who were victims of gender based violence, rape, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, experienced displacement from their homes, businesses, and work among other related issues. Worked with children with special needs - Grangeville School, Nairobi. Conducted a research on incarcerated women using art therapy as a treatment for depression at Langata womens maximum prison, Nairobi, Kenya.Worked with schools in the area of bereavement and stress management with diverse groups and more recently in relation to COVID-19.

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