CHARLES, DRNYANDWI.  2003.  Dr. Nyandwi Charles, Doctorate Thesis; Use of Special functions in Representations ( Expansions) of Entire Functions.. East African educational Publishers; Nairobi. : au-ibar Abstract
Alcohol and Substance Abuse has increased greatly globally resulting in increased numbers of drug addicts. The purpose of this study was to investigate the status of the rehabilitation programmes for drug addicts at the Asumbi Treatment Centre (ATC) in the Nairobi (Karen) and Kiambu facilities. The target population included the counselors at the centre, recovering addicts, and selected parents of clients of ATC. The sample was selected purposively, while data was gathered through interviews, observations and focus group discussions. Data analysis was done through qualitative methods.  The study established that ATC facilities are in great demand. The clients were from all walks of life including professionals such as lawyers, engineers, doctors, lecturers and students.  The main approach to treatment was found to be the drug free approach, anchored on the 12 steps programme. Major challenges include inadequate funding. A success rate for the programme could not be established, since there was no follow-up of the clients after discharge.  Family support was found to be crucial in the recovery process.  The study recommends that in developing curricular for rehabilitation programmes, it is important to consider the addicts characteristics.

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