Myopathy and Parasitism in a guinea fowl: a case report

Mutune M, Nyaga PN, Njagi LW, Sourou SY, Mwaniki G, Bebora LC, Mbuthia PG. "Myopathy and Parasitism in a guinea fowl: a case report.". 2008.


Guinea fowls are formed and found in the wild in Africa. they are kept by farmers mainly to prodice eggs, meat and as pet birds. These birds are affected by many conditions that would cause death or reduce their proction. Some conditions are managemental in nature while others are infectious. Occurrence of diseases and conditions in therse birds are rarely reported in Africa. This is a report of a guinea folw that died after protracted diarrhea and was brought for post mortem at the poultry clinic in kabete. On examination the bird had muscular degeneratio (myopathy) involving the leg muscles and heavy ascaridia galli infestations. possible impact on guinea fowl production is discussed.

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