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(Phd), D. R. N. A. O. M. I. G. I. K. O. N. Y. O. W. M. (2009).  EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES THROUGH ADULT EDUCATION: CLOSING THE CHASM THROUGH DISTANCE LEARNING. Research in Adult Education. , 2009, Makerere University, Uganda Abstract

This paper is a brief description of how the University of Nairobi through distance learning is empowering and developing the communities through distance education. The paper outlines the background against which the paper is based and the problem statement. The objectives of this paper will be to examine the role of adult education in community empowerment and development; and to explore how distance education has closed the chasm of access to education by the adults from remote communities. The paper stresses the indisputable need for promoting community- driven development and educational approaches as an important starting point for adult education and learning as well as poverty reduction.

Key words: Adult education, closing the chasm, Poverty, community empowerments

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