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Professor Ndichu Maingi is a Professor of Veterinary Parasitology at the University of Nairobi. He holds a PhD degree in Veterinary Parasitology from the University of Nairobi, an MSc degree in Parasitology from McGill University, Canada and a BVM from the University of Nairobi. His areas of specialization are anthelmintic resistance and integrated management interventions for helminths in grazing livestock. He also has research interests in molecular identification and diagnosis of parasitic infections and diagnosis and control of Taenia solium cysticercosis.

Prof. Maingi was employed as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Nairobi from 1984 to 1989. He was then promoted to lecturer (1989 - 1998), to Senior Lecturer (1989 - 2006), Associate Professor (2006 - 2013) and to Full Professor in April 2013. He has taught Parasitology to both undergraduate and undergraduate students at the University of Nairobi for 29 years (1984 – 2013). He also teaches Special Pathology, Principles of Scientific Communication and Aetiology of Disease at the University. He has supervised to completion 5 PhD students and is currently supervising 3 others, 8 MSc students and is currently supervising 4 others and 9 undergraduate research projects.

During the 29 years he has served at the University of Nairobi, Prof. Maingi has had several research grants. The most recent one are:

(i) Principal Investigator is a grant of US$ 521,859 from ASARECA for a project titled “Diagnostic Tools and Strategies for Taenia solium Cysticercosis”. The participating institutions in this project are University of Nairobi, ILRI, Makerere University, Sokoine University of Agriculture and Technology and Central Veterinary Investigation Laboratories (CIVL) in Burundi and DR Congo.

(ii) Co-investigator in a project funded by RU-FORUM titled “Enhancing village chicken productivity through parasite management for effective Newcastle disease vaccination in Kenya” (US$ 59,993)

(iii) Co-investigator in a projects funded by RU-FORUM titled “Developing capacity for implementing innovative Peste des Petit Ruminants (PPR) control strategies based on the epidemiology and socioeconomic aspects of the disease in the East African region” (US$ 59,808) and

(iv) Co-investigator in a project funded by the National Council for Science and Technology titled “Novel approaches towards identification of new anthelmintic drugs through bio-prospecting” (Kshs. 3,000,000).

Prof. Maingi has previously (2004 – 2010) served as Chairman of the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology and in various committees of the University He has served in the Editorial Board of the AU-IBAR Bulletin of Animal Health and Production Journal and as reviewer for various local and international journals. He has authored or co-authored one book chapter, 73 full-length papers in refereed scientific journals, 4 full-length papers in refereed scientific proceedings and presented over 30 abstracted papers in scientific conferences and 20 abstracted papers in seminars and workshops.

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