2nd Annual International Conference on Open, Distance and e-Learning, at University of Nairobi, 10/12/2020
Aspergillus flavus biomass in maize and use of a biocontrol strategy to limit aflatoxin production, at Jahorina mountain (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 10/10/2020
Microbial detoxification of aflatoxins in food and feeds Advances in molecular and bio-analytical approach, at Jahorina mountain (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , 10/8/2020
Introduction to Civil and Construction Engineering, at First year orientation 2020, 9/1/2020:
Testing Presentations, at E001, 4/4/2020
Digital Content Development for e-Learning, at St. Paul's University, Limuru, Kenya, 2/20/2020

In the current education system digital teaching and learning is happening in lower levels of education (primary school).
Soon these learners will be in the university where we are expected to build on what they will have gained.
Advancement in technology should reflect in education, and technology bridges the gap between the learner and the tutor in open, distance and e-learning.

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