Mauri Yambo, "Toward a Theory of the Memetic Sphere," pp. 143-154.

ONYALO PROFYAMBOMAURI. "Mauri Yambo, "Toward a Theory of the Memetic Sphere," pp. 143-154.". In: Hekima: Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 2 Number 2 of February 2005. University of Nairobi Press, Open and Distance Learning; 2005.


{ This paper proposes a new theory, a theory of the memetic sphere; and outlines its main features, based on library research. In Dawkinsian parlance, memes are ideas, phrases and sentences with a gene-like capacity to replicate. The theory maps the chain-reaction in the form of which this replication becomes what we know as the information explosion, and attempts to show what lies beyond the explosion. No known study has highlighted the similitudes between the memetic sphere and the physical universe. The theory is summarized in an Einsteinian equation




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