COHESION AND DEIXIS IN PRACTICE: The Case of an Opinion Column

WEKESA MRMALOBA. "COHESION AND DEIXIS IN PRACTICE: The Case of an Opinion Column.". In: 4th CHOTRO Conference on Language, Literature and Visual Arts for the Indigenous: Theme - Imagining the Intangibe. VDM Verlag, Saarbrucken, Germany.; 2011.


Readers of Newspapers may regard an opinion column text by a specific writer as popular and judge another opinion column text as bland. Granted, the basis of judgement by readers may be extra linguistic. However, it is possible to track and attribute part of the judgement by some readers as having a basis on language use. If the argument to choose one text over another exists in language, then we can account for this using linguistic tools.Such an account can give a glimpse to the judgement on how one text is popular while another is not.This book exploits linguistic tools in examining a journalese text to show how the smallest details that enable sentences to glue together have an impact in overall textual harmony.




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