Aspects of Discourse Structure

WEKESA MRMALOBA. "Aspects of Discourse Structure.". In: 4th CHOTRO Conference on Language, Literature and Visual Arts for the Indigenous: Theme - Imagining the Intangibe. Upcoming (Orient Blackswan); 2012.


It is debatable whether speakers of any language are wholly responsible for discourse organization of an utterance or whether recipients indirectly impose on speakers an organizational paradigm for the success in communication. While some linguists  advocate for the latter position, the former argument is embraced by those who see communication as fundamentally designed for recipients who indirectly impose structure to it. This former position is held by scholars who see recipient design as a fundamental principle for any interaction. This paper argues for a blending of both positions using illustration from Lubukusu language while arguing that milieu informed by the application of politeness principles is responsible for discourse organization. The paper will focus on the use of particles in Lubukusu and show how relevance theory proposed by Sperber & Wilson (1986/95/2002/2004) captures this blend.




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