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Wanyoike Margaret is an Associate Professor Department of Animal Production after obtaining Doctor of Philosophy from the University of London (Wye College). She has served as the Chairman of the Department where she coordinated all teaching and research activities in the Department of Animal Production and administrative duties. She has also served as a member of the University of Nairobi Council representing the college (CAVS). She has served as a member of the National Council for Science and Technology as a member of the Agricultural Sciences Committee and as chair of the Research Committee. Currently she is a member of a Task Force, under the Ministry responsible for livestock production, charged with the responsibility to develop strategies and promote rabbit production. Her main research interests are in animal production with emphasis on ruminant nutrition and especially in ASALs.

Her latest research interest is on rabbit production. She is currently Principal Investigator of a project titled “Strategies to Promote the Rabbit Value Chain in Kenya” funded by the National Council for Science and Technology. Under the project she is supervising 4 Masters of Sciences students whose research projects are on: Characterization of the rabbit value chain in Kenya; Evaluation of 3 rabbit breeds performance under 2 feeding systems; Evaluation of 4 commonly used forages as feed for rabbits and Value addition by developing a rabbit meat product. She is also supervising 2 PhD students working on beef cattle production in the semi-arid areas of South Eastern Kenya addressing strategies to even out performance of animals through supplementary feeding. This entails establishing when, what and how much supplementary feed is required as well as evaluating potential feedstuffs.

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