Observation of Meyer-Neldel rule in Se100−XM(M=In, Sb)X chalcogenide glasses

Mwabora JM, Muiva CM, Sathiaraj TS, Maabong K. "Observation of Meyer-Neldel rule in Se100−XM(M=In, Sb)X chalcogenide glasses." Ceramics International. 2015;41(2):2348-2352.


Non-isothermal Differential Scanning Calorimetric (DSC) studies were done on Se100−XM(M=In, Sb)X chalcogenide glasses prepared by the melt quenching technique. The composition-dependent activation energy for glass to crystal transformation (ΔEc) and the pre-exponential factor (Ko) of the Arrhenius expression were obtained on the basis of the Augis and Bennett׳s method. A linear dependence between ΔEc and lnK0 was observed in both systems implying the existence of compensation effects of the Meyer-Neldel type. These compensation effects confirmed the applicability of Meyer-Neldel Rule (MNR) for the non-isothermal crystallization in the present systems.

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