Sedimentation problems of Masinga reservoir.

Otieno FAO;, Maingi SM;, Gichuki FN;, Mungai DN;, Gachene CKK;, Thomas DB. "Sedimentation problems of Masinga reservoir.".; 1993.


This paper examines the land use patterns in the upper Tana river basin, Kenya, and the resultant erosion that is responsible for the continued loss of storage capacity of the Masinga reservoir. The main Tana branch of the Masinga reservoir contributes about 85% of the total sediment inflow to the reservoir. The high production rates of sediment are linked to the rivers that feed this branch passing through intensively cultivated slopes of the Aberdares and Mount Kenya. Lack of adequate ground cover and the steep slopes often being cultivated without soil conservation measures result in increased surface runoff and soil loss. The need for effective soil conservation in the catchment area is stressed to prevent the expected lifespan of the reservoir form being reduced dramatically.


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