Factors affecting land use and crop production in Botswana.

Mungai DN;, Gachene CKK, Gichuki FN;. Factors affecting land use and crop production in Botswana..; 2000.


This paper looks at factors which influence land allocation and crop production patterns in Botswana, across traditional and commercial farmers. It found that, among smallholder traditional farmers, less land is used (on average 5.6 ha) and is subdivided into the growing of three major crops: sorghum, maize and beans, with more land allocated to sorghum, the main staple and more adaptable to the climate. The small amount of cultivated land is attributed to lack of capital, transport and labour. Although large areas of land are owned by commercial farmers a high percentage is left idle due to constraints such as poor marketing systems, poor storage facilities and shortage of labour


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