Haemophilia in Zimbabwe

Mukiibi JM;, Paul, B; Field SP;, Lloyd SE. "Haemophilia in Zimbabwe.". 1990.


Of the 120 haemophiliacs diagnosed in Zimbabwe in 8 years, haemophilia A and Christmas disease accounted for 90% and 10% respectively (i.e. a ratio of 9:1). Although the clinical and laboratory parameters were essentially similar to those previously described in Caucasian, African and other populations in the World, sub-haemophiliac cases are probably still being missed particularly in very busy health centres where the index of suspicion is low and malnutrition and infectious disease predominate and therefore readily attract the attention of most health workers. However, with the steadily improving socio-economic status and decentralization of health care facilities, more of these cases are likely to be diagnosed. Major constraints in the diagnosis and management of haemophilia in an African setting are succinctly discussed; including home therapy; and the implications of recent findings of HIV sero-positivity. The study serves as evidence that haemophilia is common in Zimbabwe contrary to earlier published literature.

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