Dr Muge's Bio

I'm a holder of BSc (Biochemistry & Chemistry), MSc (Biochemistry) and PhD (Plant Genomics). Im currently a Senior lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine in the University of Nairobi.  I lecture both undergraduate and postgraduate students in various aspects of Biochemistry. My research interests are Molecular sciences, Microbiology, Nutrition and Forensics. I'm also the  current Chairman of the Department.

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In Press

Njau, DG, Muge EK, Kinyanjui PW, Omwandho COA, Mukhwana S.  In Press.  STR analysis of human DNA from maggots fed on decomposing bodies: Assessment of the time period for successful analysis.. Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences.



betty, M, Awuor OL, Kirwa ME, Jackim MF.  2014.  Antioxidative and Functional Properties of Rastrineobol aargentea (Dagaa) Fish Protein Hydrolysate. Discourse Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences. 2(6):180-189.
Ogonda, LA, Muge EK, Mulaa FJ, Mbatia BN.  2014.  Proximate composition of Rastrineobola argentea (Dagaa) of Lake Victoria-Kenya. African Journal of Biochemistry Research. 8:1-6.



Muchugi, A, Kindt R, Muluvi GM, Muge E, Kipruto H, Jamnadass RH.  2012.  Genetic Variation of Kenyan Populations of Warburgia ugandensis, an Important East African Highlands Medicinal Tree Species. Journal of Life Sciences. 4(2):97-105.
Wambui, V, Kiptoo MK, Kinyua JG, Odera I, Muiruri P, Muge E, Kinyanjui P, Lihana RW, Songok EM.  2012.  Predicted HIV-1 coreceptor usage among Kenya patients shows a high tendency for subtype d to be cxcr4 tropic. AIDS Research and Therapy. 9(22)


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