On-form cross-sectional survey for bovine fasciolosis in Kenya

Kagiko MM, Ogeto CO, Kyule MN, Mcdermott JJ, Macharia SM, Kaburia HF. "On-form cross-sectional survey for bovine fasciolosis in Kenya.". 1997.


Bovine foscioliosls coused by F. gigantica is widespread in Africa, including Kenya. There is a large collection of reports on fasciolosis in Kenya based on abattoir data records from veterinary investigation laboratories (VILs) as well as reports on a few farm surveys. However, these reports are deficient in one way or another. Thus, a cross-sectional on-farm study was carried out to improve on the reports. Diagnosis of fasciola infection has traditionally been based on detection of typical eggs In the faeces. A variety of other techniques are now available e.g. enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay '(ELlSA), which has shown to be sensitive and useful. Three agro-ecological zones were defined depending on the reported prevalences; high risk, medium risk and low risk zones. Two study districts were picked at random from each zone. The study farms were selected using the two stage cluster sampling. Faecal and blood samples were collected on the farm, Serum was later harvested. ELISA and faecal sedimentation tests (FST) were carried out.

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