Secret to Academic to Success, at Chiromo Campus, 4/28/2017:
Health Literacy Interventions in the uptake of Primary Health Care Services in Nairobi., at University of Nairobi, Kenya, 3/17/2017
CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE AND STROKE IN KENYA, at Safari park Hotel, Nairobi , Kenya, 12/7/2016:

Stroke News
Pediatric Stroke
Rural Stroke
Cerebral Aneurysm
Histo pathological predictors
Anatomical predictors

An Orientation to Orthography Issues in Kenya, at PAC University, Nairobi., 7/15/2016
Presentation to staff of Audit Department,"HEALTH, WEALTH AND WELL-BEING", at University of Nairobi, 6/24/2016:


Curriculum Reforms in Kenya: Imperatives for effective Implementation, at The Oxford Place, Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya., 5/20/2016:

Education and training have been identified in the Kenya Vision 2030 as a key social pillar and a medium that will drive Kenya into becoming a middle-income economy. Constitution 2010 also supported free and compulsory basic education as a human right to every Kenyan child aged 4-18 years (Basic Education Act 2013). According to National Education Sector Plan (2013-2018), access, equity, quality, relevance, governance and cross cutting are the key themes in education and therefore they are fundamentally issues of great concern to education and training in Kenya.

Analytical Issues in Standard Kiswahili Phonology, at Bayreuth University, Germany, 5/6/2016
Kiswahili as a Privileged Mother Language in Kenya: the Pros and Cons, at the University of Nairobi, 2/18/2016

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