Kiswahili nchini Kenya: Mustakabali wake Baada ya Ukoloni, at The University of Bayreuth, Germany, 5/16/2021
Testing 5/10/2021
Nexus of Unexploited Agricultural system and Potential of Sustainable Environment Management, at, 4/20/2021:
Workshop on Providing Safe Streets, at Online - Hosted by University of Nairobi, 3/26/2021

Providing Safe Streets to All Road Users, hosted at the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering, University of Nairobi.

ISO QMS Tips 3/15/2021:

A series of tips, titbits and reminders aimed at regularly refreshing Senate on various aspects of the University QMS.

Word Formation: How Language has Navigated through the Covid-19 Pandemic, The Case of Kiswahili, at St Thomas College, Kozhencherry, Kerala – India, 3/5/2021
Kiswahili Ulimwenguni, at The University of Nairobi, Kenya, 12/2/2020

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