Prototyping an Academic Data Warehouse: Case for a Public University in Kenya

Moturi CA, Emurugat A. "Prototyping an Academic Data Warehouse: Case for a Public University in Kenya." British Journal of Applied Science & Technology. 2015; 8(6):550-557.


This study aimed at determining the gaps between university top decision makers in a public
university in Kenya and IT personnel in accessing, analyzing and reporting data. We sought to
determine an easier and quicker way to analyze data, design, and implement a solution to turn
analysis into a report with little or no help from IT department. A survey showed that the
University’s existing systems do not allow the top management to explore data, analyze data, and
create quick reports. They depend on IT personnel to access data that they need to analyze and
generate reports. As result the decision makers tend to have an uneasy relationship with IT people.
The study successfully implemented a data warehouse database composed of a single
multidimensional cube based on subject area of Fee Payment. By implementing a Business
Intelligence (BI) program based on Excel, we turned ordinary spreadsheets into a flexible, powerful,
and inexpensive BI system that gives users significant power and flexibility.


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