Predicting E-Procurement Utilization in Independent Commissions in Kenya

Sang J, Moturi CA. "Predicting E-Procurement Utilization in Independent Commissions in Kenya." International Journal of Applied Information Systems,. 2016;10(5):12-17.


E-procurement has recently been introduced in the Kenyan public sector due to the many practical advantages it brings. Usage of the system is still at a very nascent stage. This paper sought to predict e-procurement utilization by analyzing the constructs of the Extended Technology Acceptance Model. The study administered a questionnaire to 229 employees of the 11independent commissions in the country. Regression analysis was done to describe the significance and the strength of relationships between variables. The analysis yielded important findings that partially support research hypotheses. The results indicated that subjective norm and reliability of the system influence utilization of the system while compatibility was insignificant. All the identified elements have correlations with the model elements and in turn impact on the behavioral intention to use the system. This study would influence government technology plans through implementation of policies that enhance adoption of emerging technologies in the public sector.


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