Implementation Framework for Information Systems Policy for Fraud Control in Credit Unions

Oronje SL, Moturi CA. "Implementation Framework for Information Systems Policy for Fraud Control in Credit Unions." American Journal of Computing Research Repository. 2015;3(2):18-26.


A gap exists in implementing information systems (IS) policy making it difficult to achieve desired impact of securing systems. The resultant problem is fraud which prevails in organizations even though there are documented policies. Four objectives which guided this study included: to establish the level of implementation of IS policy framework, to determine the extent of fraud occurrence on IS, to determine the potential fraud level exposure, and to identify implementation framework for IS policy. The research adopted a descriptive survey design. The targeted population consisted 43 licensed deposit taking Credit Unions within Nairobi Metropolitan Region in Kenya. A total of 140 questionnaires were distributed out of which 125 were returned and validated. Results demonstrated that low level of implementation of policies leads to high fraud rate and higher chances of future occurrence of fraud. The enforcement level of the policies was realized to be directly proportional to the impact level. This indicated that the documented policies within the organizations required an implementation framework. Presence of IS policies in isolation as studied was not sufficient to control fraud in organizations. This study concluded with demonstrating use of the 6x6 Zachman’s framework to implement IS policies.

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