E-Readiness assessment of microfinance institutions in Kenya

Kalui DM, Moturi CA. "E-Readiness assessment of microfinance institutions in Kenya." Information and Knowledge Management. 2015;5(10):61-80.


The financial industry has in recent years embraced the use of information and communication technologies
(ICTs) such as e-banking for transactions, m-banking for payment channels development and e-business for
logistics. Digital financial service delivery channels and methodologies face a number of challenges mainly the
e-readiness assessment of Microfinance institutions. This paper presents the results of a study on the level of e-
Readiness in Microfinance Institutions in Kenya and an Integrated Framework for Assessing (IFA) the e-
Readiness levels of Microfinance Institutions. We deployed the proposed framework on selected microfinance
institutions in Kenya to evaluate its performance and the case study shows our method can achieve a satisfactory

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