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Conference Paper
Ong’ayo MN, Osanjo GO, Oluka MO. "Adherence to Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment among Paediatric Patients at Kenyatta National Hospital.". In: 1st International Scientific Conference, College Of Health Sciences, University Of Nairobi.; 2011.
Osanjo G, Aluvaala E, Wadegu M, Bulimo W, Guantai AN, Okalebo FA, Oluka M, Mulaa F. "Carbohydrate active enzymes (Cazymes) as drug targets and tools for synthesis of medicinal compounds.". In: 1st International Scientific Conference, College Of Health Sciences, University Of Nairobi.; 2011.
OLUKA DRODECKMARGRET. "Oluka MO, Mitema ES, Kibwage IO, Kwasa TO, Kokwaro GO. (1996) A comparative bioavailability of four Carbamazepine tablet formulations available in the Kenyan market.". In: East Afr Med J. 1996 May;73(5):323-6. Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences(PMMS); 1996. Abstract
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Nairobi, Kenya. The relative bioavailabilities of three carbamazepine tablet formulations available in the Kenyan market (Temporal(R), Taver(R) and Carbamazepine Lincoln) compared with the innovator formulation (Tegretol(R)) were evaluated in seven healthy African volunteers (5 males, two females; aged 22-36 years), according to a randomised fourway crossover study design, following oral administration of single 200 mg doses with a three week washout period. In vitro dissolution profiles of the tablets were also evaluated. Relative bioavailabilities ((F)rel) of Temporal(R), Taver(R) and Carbamazepine Linocoln were 101.2%, 82.2% and 71.6% respectively, compared with Tegretol(R). Percent drug content dissolved in vitro after I hour were 91.3%, 75.9% and 39.3% for Temporal(R), Taver(R) and Carbamazepine Lincoln, respectively. It was concluded that Temporal(R) was bioequivalent to Tegretol(R) while Taver(R) and Carbamazepin Lincoln were bioinequivalent to Tegretol(R). Administration of Taver(R) or Carbamazepine Lincoln might lead to poor control of epileptic seizures.
Journal Article
Karara MW, Okalebo FA, Oluka MO, Ombega J, Guantai AN, Osanjo GO. "Comparative tolerability and efficacy of stavudine 30 mg versus stavudine 40 mg in patients on combination antiretroviral therapy in Kenya." Journal of AIDS and HIV Research. 2010;2(2):024-031.
Matimba A, Oluka MN, Ebeshi BU, others. "Establishment of a biobank and pharmacogenetics database of African populations." European Journal of Human Genetics.. 2008;16:780-783.

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