Plants remains from a Sirikwa culture site at Hyrax Hill, Nakuru

Kyule MD. "Plants remains from a Sirikwa culture site at Hyrax Hill, Nakuru." Nyame Akuma: Publication of the Society for Africanist Archaeologists. 1991;36:8-10.


This article reports a preliminary examination of plant remains and the tentative implications that have so far been deduced from them. The plant samples were acquired by archaeological excavations at one of the Hyrax Sirikwa sites within Nakuru Municipality, Kenya. Hyrax Hill has numerous prehistoric sites that represent occupations dating as far back as the Neolithic period. Several of the Neolithic sites have been studied (see Leakey 1945, Onyango-Abuje 1977, Merrick 1983). However, of specific relevance to this report are the Sirikwa culture sites that are found in a group throughout the lower northwestern portion of the hill. There are at least 13 of these Sirikwa occurrences comprising about 13 hollows and 13 mounds.



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