History of Paleontological research in the Narok District of Kenya,

Kyule MD, Ambrose SH, Hlusko L. "History of Paleontological research in the Narok District of Kenya,." Kirtlandia, Journal of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Ohio, USA. 2007;56:1-37.


The geology of the Narok District of southern Kenya was first studied in the 1960s. From 1994 through 2005 more extensive paleontological and geological research was conducted on a series of late Miocene sediments of the Lemudong’o Formation in the region of Lemudong’o Gorge and Enamankeon where the Ntuka and Narok Rivers merge to form the Uaso Ngiro River. Numerous paleontological sites have been located, however all but one are poorly fossiliferous. The exception is the site of Lemudong’o Locality 1, near the village of Enkorika. Here we describe the geological and paleontological research that has been performed in the entire project area, with detailed information about the paleontology at Lemudong’o Locality 1




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