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Profession: Archaeologist /Paleoanthropologist ; training and work experience in Information and computing technology (ICT), Curriculum development, Capacity building, e-learning and Distant education, Tourism.

  • Topical interests: ICT, Tourism, Environment, Conservation, Cultural Resources Management and Impact Assessment, Human and behavioural evolution.
  • Research interests: Development and general changes in human behavior, Human adaptations to varied environments; Natural and cultural conservation, Environmental changes and bio diversity, African Art and crafts.
  •  Current academic position: Lecturer, University of Nairobi.


  •  15 + administrative positions in public institutions management
  • 20 years teaching experience at university level (9 Master’s Thesis supervision; + 102 undergraduate research project papers, + 79 undergraduate field attachment and supervision reports, 2 undergraduate Diploma research project reports)
  • 8 major research projects leading to + 10 journal publications, + 9 academic conference papers and + 15 other publications and reports
  •  3 Edited book chapters and 4 Teaching manuals for Open and Distance learning
  •  3 +Television documentaries
  •  + 10 academic and administrative workshops
  •  PhD (in progress – Universities of Illinois and Nairobi); Double Masters (M.A. Paleoanthropology- University of Illinois, 2008 and M.A. Archaeology, University of Nairobi, 1993)


  •  Project management ; - initiation, development and coordination of programs
  •  Collaboration, cooperation and multi disciplinary approaches to capacity building
  •  Development and evaluation of training and capacity building programs.
  •  Research report writing, publication and conferencing
  •  Proficiency in computer applications usage and tools
  •  Interpersonal, communication and leadership skills
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