Non-GovernmentalOrganizations: Local Capacity Building And Community Mobilization

Ng'ethe N;, Mitullah W;, Ngunyi M. "Non-GovernmentalOrganizations: Local Capacity Building And Community Mobilization.". 1995.


This research proposal highlights some pertinent issues relating to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) development activities in Kenya. Whereas NGOs havebeen actively involved in a number of development activities, their development approaches have not been adequately and sufficiently researched and documented.

There has been, little attempt at providing empirical data on the contributions of NGOs to research gap by looking at how NGOs facilitate local initiatives which could lead to self sustaining development in the long run. In this respect, some issues relating to projects supported by NGOs are proposed for exploration. These are: needs assessment; project initiation; project management; training; resource mobilization; institutional set-uo and over-all community participation


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