Mildred's Biography

Mildred Omino is currently serving as the Disability Liaison Officer in the Office of Dean of Students at the University of Nairobi. Before assuming the role of Disability Liaison Officer, she served as an Administrator in the Human Resource Division from December 2014 to September 2021. Previously Mildred worked with African Youth with Disabilities Network (AYWDN) and the Consumer Information Network (CIN).

Her professional background is in Public Administration and Project Management. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Professional certificate in Project Cycle Management.

Her career aspirations are cantered on promoting inclusive governance that embodies disability inclusion in Public Service. She is keen on advancing social justice by inculcating disability justice and gender justice in development. She is a champion of and inclusion of girls and women with disabilities in mainstream development taking cognizance of their double marginalization that arises out of gender and Disability stereotypes.

She is a lifelong Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity with a focus on disability health equity and an alumnus of Political Leadership and Governance Programme (PLGP) by Freidrich Herbert Stiftung (FES) Kenya. She is also an alumnus of Feminist Leadership Movement Building and Rights Institute East Africa and Disability Sexuality Rights Online Institute both hosted by CREA. She runs a blog titled “Diversity in Ability with content on gender, disability and development. She is a member of Kenya Network Advocating for the rights of girls and women with disabilities.

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