Frequently Asked Questions - Basic Information

  1. Go to the link and login with your given username and password. The following screen should appear
  2. Click your name under Site Membership Summary e.g for our case we will click on MISS. CHEPKOECH CAROLINE. The following screen should appear.
  3. To edit the image hover over the image area and click on the small arrow that appears.
  4. click on configure, if there was an image remove the image first then browse to uppload another image. kindly note the image should have 180 by 140 dimensions
  5. To edit site information, hover over the area and click on configure. change the information as desired then click on save button
  6. To add or update cv, click on the tab BIO and click and the green button add new then select add cv to add a cv or add bio to add bio information
  7. To add or update publication click on the tab PUBLICATIONS and then click on the green button add new then select add publication. Fill in information and click save button
  1. You need to have your Personal Website tool activated
  2. Once you are sure your Personal Website has been activated, use the link to login with your University of Nairobi email address username and password.

  1. Login with your University of Nairobi email address and its password under personal website tool link by clicking on the button titled login or open the url
  2. An email will be sent to Website team to activate your personal website .
  3. You will receive and email from the website team informing you of the website activation.
  4. You will now be able to login and use the personal website. The folllowing screen will appear after successful login

  1. You should be an employee of University of Nairobi
  2. You should have an active University of Nairobi Email address. 
    • If you dont have an email from University of Nairobi kindly send an email to providing your Full Names, Payroll Number ,Department , Desired email address and alternate email address where your credentials will be sent .

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