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Gloria S. Omosa-Manyonyi, Walter Jaoko OAHOSW, Roselyn Malogo, Jacqueline Nyange PNJN-A, Kirana Bhatt, Bashir Farah MOCSFPPF. ". Reasons for Ineligibility in Phase 1 and 2A HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials at Kenya Aids Vaccine Initiative (KAVI), Kenya." PLoS One. 2011;6(1):e14580.
Walter Jaoko, Frederick N Nakwagala OAGOMJ, Birungi, Annet Nanvubya FBKBHOSWLM, Wambui Waruingi, Jane Odada MOJIJN-ACK, Emmanuel Mugisha, Patricia Fast CSJGTTCSBBLD, Bruce Johnson, Andrew Muluubya LNPHMB, and Peter Hughes, Tomas Hanke AMMJBPK. "Safety and immunogenicity of recombinant low-dosage HIV-1 A vaccine candidates vectored by plasmid pTHr DNA or modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) in humans in East Africa." Vaccine,. 2008;26(22):2788-95.
4. Karita, Etiennea; Price M; HE; CE; AS; FL; KA, h; Sanders, Eduard J AO;MO; KM; KN. "Investigating the utility of the HIV-1 BED capture enzyme immunoassay using cross-sectional and longitudinal seroconverter specimens from Africa." AIDS. 2007;21(4):403-408.
Anzala O, Bashir MF OOBJJJWGMGOMF. "CD4 and CD8 T - Lymphocyte distribution among healthy Kenyans enrolling in an HIV vaccine trial.". In: International Conference AIDS. Bangkok, Thailand; 2004.
6. B M Farah1, S Ogola1 I1 O1 A1 O-M1 J1 G2 BJMOG. "The use of viral peptides as a quality control for ELISPOT assays in HIV-1 vaccine trials in Kenya.". In: International Conference AIDS. Bangkok, Thailand; 2004.

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