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School of Business, Department of Business Administration.

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK)

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(Human Resources Management).

Research interests:

Performance Management, Training and Development, Career Development, Employee Empowerment, Compensation, Employee Separation.

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In this era of globalization, winning the war for top talent to gain a competitive advantage is critical for the
survival of organizations. In Kenya today, attracting and retaining talent is a major challenge to many
organizations. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been identified as influencing employee attraction
and retention. A pay cheque alone is no longer sufficient; people want to work in organizations whose
values match their own and that impact and contribute to society. The aim of this study was to determine if
CSR affects organizational attractiveness. Final year business students from the University of Nairobi were
surveyed to see the extent to which CSR issues will influence their decision to work in a given organization.
The findings indicated that how an organization handles its economic responsibility, legal responsibility,
ethical responsibility, philanthropic responsibility and environmental responsibility of CSR affects
prospective employees' decision to seek employment with an organization.


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