School of Business, Department of Business Administration

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School of Business, Department of Business Administration.

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK)

Area of Specialization

(Human Resources Management).

Research interests:

Performance Management, Training and Development, Career Development, Employee Empowerment, Compensation, Employee Separation.

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Munjuri, MG, K'Obonyo P.  2015.  HUMAN CAPITAL, EMPLOYEE EMPOWERMENT AND PERFORMANCE OF COMMERCIAL BANKS AND INSURANCE FIRMS IN KENYA. International Journal of Arts and Commerce. Vol. 4 (No. 6):163-181.human_capital_emloyee_empowerment__firm_performance..pdf
Munjuri, MG, K'Obonyo P, Ogutu M.  2015.  Human Capital, Socia;l Capital and Performance of Commercial Banks and IOnsurance Firms in Kenya. Prime Journal of Social Science (PJSS). Vol. 4(No. 5):1045-1057.human_capital_social_capital_and_firm_performance.pdf
Munjuri, MG, Peter K’Obonyo, Ogutu M.  2015.  Human Capital and Performance of Commercial Banks and Insurance Firms in Kenya, 20th March . DBA-Africa Management Review. :101-117., Lower Kabete Campushuman_capital__firm_performancevol_5_no.22015.pdf


Munjuri, MG.  2013.  A Survey of the Use of Peer Assessment in Business Schools in Kenyan Universities: A Case of Selected Universities in Kenya. International Journal of Education and Research. 1(No. 3):1-36., NAIROBIpeer_assessment_paper.pdf
Munjuri, MG, Maina RM.  2013.  Effect of Workforce Diversity Management on Employee Performance in the Banking Industry in Kenya. DBA Africa Management Review. 3(No. 1):1-21., NAIROBIworkforce_diversity_paper.pdf


Munjuri, MG.  2011.  Review of the factors affecting career advancement. DBA Africa Management Review. Vol. 1(No. 1)
Munjuri, MG.  2011.  A survey of the criteria used by commercial banks in Kenya to determine employees to retrench. International Journal of Business Administration. Vol. 2(No. 2):57-81.vol_2_no_2.pdf
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