Discussant: Session on Urban Economics: Municipal Issues W.E.A.

OLE PROFMBATIAOLIVER. "Discussant: Session on Urban Economics: Municipal Issues W.E.A.". In: 52nd Annual Western Economic Association Conference, June 20-23, 1977, Anaheim, California. University of Nairobi.; 1977.


A retrospective study of the hospital records revealed that 39 cases of mandibular fractures presented at Kisii District Hospital during a two-year period. 27 cases were due to interpersonal violence while road traffic accidents and accidental falls accounted for 9 and 3 of the cases respectively. The male ratio was 2.9:1. Majority (26 cases) of the patients were aged between 20 and 39 years. The commonly involved fracture site was the left body of the mandible accounting for 20 of the fractures.




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