Car Hire and Tracking Management System

Mukuwa M, Njeru A, Martin Inyimili. Car Hire and Tracking Management System. Nairobi: Jomo Kenyatta Uninersity of Agriculture and Technology; 2012.

Thesis Type:

Bsc Thesis


By Mary Mukuwa, Ambrose Njeru,Martin Inyimili

Nowadays, there are online car reservations which give much benefit to user. The existence of this online system can overcome the problem of availability and provide convenience to the user in renting, car yet users still need more convenience system such as helping them in recommending car to be rent based on car specific requirements.
The user selects their preferred car from the car catalogue. Reservation can be done through online and users have to come to the service center to make payment and pick the reserved car. This system is functioned in retrieving, creating, updating and deleting the data or information depends on the security level and allows the organization to search user information from the database based on their identification card number. Besides that, this system may produce reports such as payment receipt, renting information and statistics of car renting by year, month, or week. The finding of this project is the web-based car rental system with recommended car to be rent and the output that will produce the information by following the user requirements. In conclusion, the system may need some enhancement and improvement in the future

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