Marube, K.  1986.  Investigation of attitudes towards Mathematics by teacher trainees of Migori and Kisii Teachers Training colleges. , Nairobi: Kenyatta University Abstract

Performance in Mathematics has been poor for the last many years. The course of the problem has not been established. Children at the primary level of education in Kenya are not known to have probems with mathematics concepts. This is clear from the good performance in the subject at the national examination level (KCPE). Students start having problems with Mathematics concepts at the secondary level. Results in mathematics at the national secondary examination tell it all; poor performance.
It is suspected that the problems related with Mathematics among school pupils emanates from the teachers of Mathematics. This is what necessitated the study; to investigate the attitudes of the teacher trainees who on their graduation become teachers of Mathematics.
The study established that the teacher trainees from the two Colleges was negative. The teacher trainees took mathematics because it was compulsory. It was found out that most of them did not pass mathematics at their qualifying examination to College. Probably, this is why they hold negative attitudes towards the subject. This may be the reason why the pupils they teach may not like the subject.

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