Dr. Martin Odhiambo Ouma is a lecturer at the University of Nairobi, Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS). He is a holder of PhD in peace and conflict studies and a distinguished scholar with wide experience both in administration and in the field of academia (university teaching and research) at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. His key thematic areas of teaching and competency include: Academic research and also in International studies with specialty in international security, strategic studies and diplomacy, areas under which he has taught, mentored and supervised several PhDs, Masters, Post Graduate Diploma and undergraduate students in many different universities and institutions of higher learning.
Dr. Ouma has a wide range of publications ranging from book chapters as well as articles in several peer reviewed, refereed journals and newspaper columns across several publications. His areas of interest in research and publication include among others: The challenges Facing AMISOM in its bid to Restore Peace in Somalia, The Effectiveness of the Disarmament Exercise by AMISOM in Somalia , The Influence of the United Nations Security Council in the 21st Century International Conflict Management, The Prison Reform Agenda and National Security Situation in Kenya, Politicization of Ethnicity and National Security: A Critical Retrospection of Kenya`s National Security in the new Ecology, and The Silk Road to state capture: How China’s ‘Debt Trap Diplomacy’ saddles states. Other publication areas include the Strategies Applied by AMISOM to Re-integrate Ex-combatants in the Transformation of Somalia Conflict, The Emerging New World Order, Geo Politics and The 21st Century Scramble for Africa, The effects of the underworld activities on national security in Kenya, African Union Peace and Security Council as an Instrument for Counterterrorism in Africa: An Assessment, The role of Environmental Diplomacy in tackling Global Climate Change: A case of the European Union, Politicized ethnicity and Human Rights Violations: Unintended side-effects of the multi-party politics in Kenya (1992-2013), Radicalization and Militarization of Refugees as a Challenge to International Security, Arms Proliferation Disarmament and Human Security in the Horn of Africa and many others.

As a member of a number of departmental committees of the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies of the University of Nairobi (Curriculum review committee, Post graduate committee, Research and publication committee, Guidance, mentorship and counseling for the students, IDIS Strategic Planning committee, Integration & Values committee, college of Humanity and Social Sciences editorial board committee etc), Dr. Ouma has mentored several students in the field of academia, career and other aspects of social life. Some of the students have since taken up senior positions in various organizations both locally and internationally including among others, teaching at various universities and colleges.
As a researcher, conference speaker, International security expert and a member of the Diplomacy Scholars Association of Kenya (DIPSAK,), Dr. Ouma has also been involved in several consultancy work and research projects both in Kenya and in other parts of the world, some of which are now having positive impacts on the lives of the locals and more so in the conflict ravaged regions of the Southern Saharan Africa and some parts of the Middle East Region.
In the spirit of giving back to the society, Dr. Ouma has been involved a lot in several non-for-profit community projects across the country (Kenya). Some of these projects that cut across the socio-economic divide, ranging from education, religious and environmental have had a lot of positive impact towards sustainable development among the target communities and to the world over.
Successful people have chosen to follow a philosophy based on their core values. As staunch Christian, Dr. Ouma`s philosophy in life that has shaped him to be a servant leader to all has been
Striving for success is a good thing only if it does not harm others. A victory that comes at someone else’s expense will not get you closer to becoming a person you would be proud of.

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