Factors Influencing Ethical Decision Making .Among Psychiatric Nurses At Mathari Hosprtal In Nairobi

NJAMBI DRCHEGEMARGARET. "Factors Influencing Ethical Decision Making .Among Psychiatric Nurses At Mathari Hosprtal In Nairobi.". 2009.


Factors Influencing Ethical Decision Making Among Psychiatric Nurses At Mathari Hosprtal In Nairobi
Mageto Gacheri Irene, (MScN, BScN) - Lecturer, Department of Nursing, Presbyterian University of East
Prof. Joyce 0 Musandu (Late) (PhD, MScN, DAN, KRN, KRM, KRCHN)- former Director and
Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing sciences. University of Nairobi.
Dr Margaret N Chege, (PhD, MPHE, BScN, DAN, RN/RM/PHN) - Lecturer, School of Nursing Sciences,
University of Nairobi
Dr James Mwaura (PhD, MSc, BScN) - Lecturer, and Head of Medical I Surgical Nursing School of
Nursing Sciences, University of Nairobi
Ethical decision making is the process of trying to distinguish right from wrong in situations without clear guidelines. While
ethical dilemmas confront nurses in all areas of nursing practice, those. that occur in psychiatric nursing care settings are
more challenging than those occurring in other areas of nursing. This is because the decrease in mental ability of psychiatric
patients leads to vulnerability which evokes ethical difficulties for the psychiatric nurses.
This was a descriptive cross-sectional study aimed at identifying the factors that influence ethical decision making among
psychiatric nurses in Kenya. It was carried out at Mathari Hospital in Nairobi. The study aimed at identifying factors that
influence the process of ethical decision making by the psychiatric nurses in their clinical practice. The study hypothesis was
that there is no relationship between nurses' demographic characteristics and the way they make ethical decisions.
Quantitative data was collected using a self administered questionnaire which was developed and distributed to 152 randomly
sampled psychiatric nurses at Mathari hospital. Qualitative data was collected via a focused group discussion which comprised
of eight nurse managers. Data was categorized and coded according themes. Data entry was done by use of statistical package
for social sciences (version 16.0) Descriptive and inferential statistics were used as appropriate for data analysis. Qualitative
data from
focused group discussions was analyzed manually.
Overall the results of this study showed that factors influencing nurses ethical decision making were professional experience (r
= 0.0.40, p=O.Ol), workload (rho=0.227, p=0.042), psychiatric nursing experience(r= 0.037, p= 0.01) and gender (rho=0.277,p=
0.013). Knowledge and skills obtained through psychiatric care specializations should be considered when posting nursing
staff to the psychiatric care areas. Further ethnographic research is recommended to identify what other aspects of the
clinical environment affect ethical decision making by the care givers.

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