History of West Africa to 1800. University of Nairobi Press.

AMOLO PROFACHOLAMILCAH. "History of West Africa to 1800. University of Nairobi Press.". In: Journal Vol.4 No.2, 1990.; 1988.


Colonial policy makers argued that they were  bringing civilization and better standards of living to Africans.  One perceived problem they had to contend with  was the “ignorance” of their subject peoples.  In health delivery, in particular, colonial administrators believed that ignorance accounted for the poor levels of health among Africans, and that knowledge and that knowledge and other preventive measures would greatly enhance standards of living, for instance, among urban Africans. In this paper we test this philosophy against colonial urban health policy’s and show that racism in the delivery of services  greatly undermined African and Asian health in order to afford  high quality services for Europeans in Nairobi.



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