Dr Mahacla Odongo Biography

Dr. Mahacla Odongo is a lecturer of Veterinary Microbiology. He majors in Bacteriology. He has extensively taught for many years at undergraduate and postgraduate. He also supports the Department in diagnostic services in Veterinary Microbiology and poultry pathology. His areas of specialization are Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology, Mycology, Molecular Biology, and Poultry diseases. He has published two books in Veterinary Microbiology together with other colleagues. His research interests are in Antimicrobial resistance and Bacterial zoonoses, particularly Salmonellosis and Brucellosis. Dr Odongo has been involved Bacteriology and Mycology Laboratory Diagnostic work forover 40 years. Dr Odongo is equally competent in Molecular Biology of Microorganisms. Dr Odongo is also a consultant in Poultry Producton and Health. Currently, Dr Odongo is a-Researcher in a project on Multisectoral Approach on the Diagnosis of Brucellosis in East Africa, where he is carrying out studies on Seroprevalence and Molecular Prevalence of Animal Brucellosis in Narok and Kajiado Counties of Kenya as part of his PhD study. Dr Odongo is also a Microbiology Laboratory Training Consultant for Antimicrobial Resistance Active Surveillance Project funded by Fleming Fund, UK.

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