Optimizing Student Use and Experiences in Industrial Assessments

Ogot MM, Muller MR, Kasten DJ. "Optimizing Student Use and Experiences in Industrial Assessments.". In: NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE. Vol. 24. [Texas A&M University]; 1999; 2002:.


Using students in the performance of industrial assessments is a cost-effective way to staff a team and is likely to increase in popularity. Students have always been an integral part of the process in DOE's Industrial Assessment Center program. In recent years, however, that process has been greatly enhanced, as the program developed from a simple energy audit to an integrated assessment, focusing on the "Industries of the Future" as defined by the Department of Energy. This paper investigates the nature of the student experience, and further looks to define what it can be in the future both from the aspect of improving the assessment product and the education of the student.



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