Innovation Research Symposium

Ogot M. "Innovation Research Symposium.". 2018.


The overarching argument in this paper is two-pronged. First, it is asserted that Kenya
has a lot of potential for innovation, technology development, and the creation of intellectual
property intensive goods, services, and works. However, there are serious weaknesses or
limitations in the legal and regulatory frameworks on intellectual property and innovation
valuation, and commercialisation as well as general corporate and constitutional governance.
The second argument is to the effect that scholarship and practice in business and law in
Kenya need to urgently focus on intellectual property audit, valuation, commercialization,
securitization and taxation. This will enable innovators and all key stakeholders to benefit
from the copyright, trade mark, patent, trade secret, utility model, industrial design, plant
or animal breeder’s rights and other forms of intellectual property and innovation that have
been developed and that need to be nurtured.

Key Words. Intellectual property, innovation valuation, commericalisation



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